Digiquartz Assistant

Digiquartz Assistant 1.0

It collects and graphs the data acquired from any of the Digiquartz products
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Paroscientific, Inc.

Digiquartz Assistant is an application specifically created to collect and graph the data acquired from any of the Digiquartz intelligent products. These products are used for pressure measurement purposes. In other words, the devices measure real physical conditions (e.g. pressure, pressure period, internal temperature, external temperature, and humidity) and convert these samples into digital signals, which are sent to the computer via the RS-232 port interface.

The program has 8 channels, which allow you to connect up to 8 devices or log up to 8 parameters. The data is stored in files with .dat extension, which can be opened with any spreadsheet or database program. You can adjust the communication parameters between the computer and the devices connected, such as baud rate, parity, data bits, and timeout. You can schedule logging times and set their duration. Also some graphing parameters can be adjusted: you can auto scale the X axis or set increment rates in minutes; for the y axis you can set a minimum and maximum range; you can enable data points, zooming, panning, cursor, grid, set the chart length, line width, and change the plot area color.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • The program is compatible with all existing Paroscientific Intelligent instruments and allows you to use up to 8 channels to log different parameters
  • The data files can be opened with any spreadsheet or database program


  • The only way to connect the instruments is via the port RS-232
  • The program can't change instrument parameters
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